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Gillio & Associates is a traditional rare coin and precious metals trading firm, designed to provide a wide range of services to the hard asset marketplace. Searching, collecting, and displaying your wondrous collection of coins and currency can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Many people have found more than monetary value in coin collecting over the years, and at Gillio & Associates, we have shared your passion since 1968 – that makes 40 years of catering to our unique customers!

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Reasons To Acquire Precious Metals, Coins, Diamonds & Jewelry
Tower of Coins - Coins in Toluca Lake, CA
1. Rare coins and precious metals are a hedge against economic and political uncertainty.
Two Coins - Coins in Toluca Lake, CA
2. Coins and metals are an excellent store of value and are portable assets.
3. Sell us your gold, diamonds, jewelry and coins for cash to use on things you really want and need.
Clock with Gold Coins - Coins in Toluca Lake, CA
4. Invest in items that will always have value. Build your wealth on physical assets by investing in precious metals, rare coins, jewelry and precious stones.
Individuals who have taken an interest in the field as a hobby have often built highly profitable collections.
We have the skills and experience to meet all of your demands – and exceed all of your expectations.

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